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Plagueeeee Plagueeeee

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Okay, first off, wow. Great stuff. Very powerful percussion, and that rev-up wub... fantastic, dude.

Second off, I wanted to express the sheer amount of awe and surprise I went through listening to this song. My friends and I found the PLAGUUUUU video on r/HeroesOfNewerth, thought it was fucking hilarious.

Now, get this: This same group of friends and I are none other than the group of kids from the video you sampled the "OOOHH MY GOD" from. I (Nate) came over to Amnesia Guy's (DILDOBITCH) house to chill, waiting for him to get home from work. So I hop on his computer and browse Newgrounds on his account and what do I find? This masterpiece. I got an absolute kick out of the amount of surprise I got from the two samples you chose here.

Just wanted to share that, and let you know how awesome this song is. Great work, man. Keep it up!

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zlarke responds:

OH, WHAT, no way. You guys are hilarious btw.

Thanks for the kind words mate :)

- LD - Blimps - LD - Blimps

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Ah, I TOTALLY dig this.

This is surely something to shuffle too. Props, haha.

Breed responds:

Yeaaa! Shuffle to your hearts content my fellow Earth citizen.

{Rose} {Rose}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


so good

this song makes me want to punch stuff it gets me so fucking hyped

cornandbeans responds:


yea I like to have a lot of energy in my stuff :)

glad you found it entertaining. :P