Entry #1

News post shit

2008-07-25 14:01:16 by mrevaaaaa

I never made one of these things. Might as well get started if i plan on being the internet superstar i've always wanted to be (LOL). As you can see, many of my flashes have dicks in them. Although the male anatomy can be funny and cock and ball jokes are even funnier, I am going to try and move away from any sort of dick jokes (well after i submit these last two animations that have dicks in them) for the next few animations to try and get myself noticed for something other than dicks.

Oh yeah, i forgot, these things are usually fucking boring unless i include a picture of something remotely interesting. I'll do that later because i feel like posting this before i fucking draw any dumb shits.

So yeah, in case you haven't noticed, i suck at finishing shit. I have several flash animations on my computer that i'm sure if i finished them i would get some sort of attention. BUT GUESS WHO SUCKS BALLS? Yours truly. I'm also sort of embarassed because i have like, my really early shit uploaded to newgrounds which sucks harder than fuckin' black jesus.

Ok, bye until i upload a picture to this fuckin thing and an animation to the portal one of these days.


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2008-07-25 14:42:01

darknessdweller wuz here.

mrevaaaaa responds:

oh neat


2008-10-09 02:12:28

I don't think there are nearly enough dicks in your submissions.
using less would only make your work harder to love.
plz increase the quantity of animated dicks.

love, Kyle


2009-12-24 22:51:46

cccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaapppppp ppppppp